Things to Know Before Your Pet's Stay with us.

Boarding Rules

1. At this time we only offer boarding services to small to medium breeds under 20 pounds.

2. PLEASE NOTE: Bordetella, Distemper, Rabies test are mandatory. PRIOR TO SUBMITTING your reservation.  Failure to do so will result in an immediately declined request. For best results, verify you have the correct (and up to date) vaccines/test prior to submitting the request. Please allow 24 hours to process reservation requests.

3. We do not house any dogs with contagious illness or risky medical conditions. If for any reason your dog is sick, please consult a boarding facility with medical oversight.

4. We do accept same-day reservations for new clients but will require an additional $30 fee. If you have submitted a reservation request and did not follow rule #2 and the reservation is declined for failure to show proof of vaccinations, your request will be moved to the back of the line for consideration.

5. We only administer medications that are prescribed by a medical professional. Administering medications is $3 per day, per pet.  

6. No aggressive behavior will be tolerated.  All dogs must be clean and free of odor, dirt, and insects. (If you bring your dog unclean you will be charged an additional grooming fee up to $65).

7. Please provide any specific instructions regarding your dog's care and we will do our best to accommodate.

8. We provide unlimited potty breaks!!

9. Dog food must be stored in a container with clear feeding instructions.  If for any reason there is not enough food, your dog will be provided the "House Food."

Your pet's health and happiness is our primary concern. If the animal attendants notice a medical problem they will attempt to contact your emergency number. An emergency contact number MUST be provided upon check-in. The emergency contact person MUST be an adult, capable of making decisions for you regarding your pet's health and able to be reached within the continental U.S. Please note that whomever you choose as your emergency contact they are authorized to make medical decisions for your pet. You will assume all financial responsibilities for approved medical services provided during your pet's stay. Should a life threatening (critical) medical condition occur during their stay and attempts to reach your emergency contact are unsuccessful medical decisions regarding your pet’s care will be made by the nearest vet. You will be responsible for all medical charges associated with the management of this event.