Sabrina A. Calhoun, Owner/Founder
Pawsome Pet Mom

My Story

I'm a proud dog mom of two senior rescue dogs.  A 16-year-old brown Chihuahua name Duke and 8-year-old black/white Chihuahua name Daisy, both were rescue’s that needed a good home.  Being a Black Girl with two dogs wasn't something I saw in my neighborhood growing up on the Westside of Birmingham, AL.  As a Dog Parent I want to be able to provide affordable, stylish apparel for pet parents that actually represents the realistic relationship with their dog.  So, I thought about all the Dog Parents in the world and figured I would create a space where we can shop for expressive/fun pet apparel and gear. Shopping at It’s The Pawsome Place provides a One Stop Shopping experience where pet parents can purchase stylish affordable apparel that represents you as a Dope Dog Parent.  All the Apparel is Handmade by yours truly! 

Our Specialty Dog treats are provided by a local bakery made with human grade ingredients: Wheat, Corn, and Soy FREE!!


The Kool Kids


Duke and Daisy

Their Story


Duke has captured the hearts of so many people near and far.  He has traveled with me from the Mountains of Arizona to Mississippi and now settled in where we consider home here in Georgia.  Although Duke is considered a senior dog, he is very active and enjoys playing with his favorite blue squeaky toy and he absolutely love treats and snuggles.  He has been by my side for a long time in which I consider him to be my very best friend.  Within the last couple of years, he has presented some health challenges in which we have come to accept that this is his new normal.  

Daisy is one you would call a DIVA!  She gets so excited about wearing clothes and putting on bows.  She is the sweetest little dog that loves cuddles and playing with socks.  She was adopted from Gwinnett Georgia Animal Shelter 8 years ago.  She is my little baby girl.  Daisy does suffer from anxiety and stress induced by loud noise like thunderstorms and fireworks. Although she has gotten better since the day, we first brought her home she still has episodes in which managing her chronic anxiety and fear can be a challenge. 

Daisy and Duke inspired me to create this platform for other pet parents like myself.